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Belinda Charlton Biography

Belinda Charlton Biography

People often ask what Page 3 girls do to relax in their spare time and one thing’s for sure, it’s likely to be slightly more exciting than 90s stunner Belinda Charlton’s hobby of egg collecting!

The busty brunette had quite a collection apparently, including a rare emu egg, but don’t let that put you off, she was pretty active in other areas too!

When she wasn’t polishing her beloved egg collection Belinda loved to take in a spot of tennis and enjoyed attending the Wimbledon championships each year.

But that wasn’t the limit of her sporting endeavours, the Kent beauty loved ballroom dancing too.

Sadly, Belinda’s time on Page 3 came to a premature end when readers voted to ban silicone implants in 1996.

Along with her pin-up friends Louise Payne and Dee Ivens, Belinda increased her cup size to a D in order to relaunch their careers and while their new look worked wonders in other areas, sadly the Page 3 days were over for all concerned.

It’s all a far cry from her childhood when Belinda was nicknamed Rizla at school for being too skinny.

Her slight build was all the more amazing as her parents owned a delicatessen and Miss Charlton lists a good old fry up as her favourite meal.

We wonder how many eggs she liked with that.

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